Thailand Representative and Regional Office

Thailand Representative OfficeThailand Representative Office

Thai Representative office should be registered in Thailand, but should not make any income from inside the Kingdom. Its objective should be mainly used for research and marketing purposes.

The Head office should provide the following requirements:

  • Company certificate
  • List of Shareholders
  • Balance sheets for the past 3 years
  • Certification for the acting-manager in Thailand
  • Certification of monthly wage for the acting-manager in Thailand
  • Financial report for the Representative office in Thailand for the next 3 years (coming 3 years)

The documents should be certified by the Thai embassy in your location or should be notarized. The entire process of registering a Representative Office would take a minimum of 3 months. Work permit should be applied for if the acting-manager is a foreign national, it is also a must for any foreign employees working in your Representative office. For Thai nationals, there is no need for work permit application. Corporate and personal tax should be paid per year, yet for the financial statement, there’s no need to register VAT for Representative office.

Thailand Regional Office Setup

Regional offices, are not separate legal entities that perform their businesses in Thailand on behalf of its head office abroad. Likewise, they are limited to perform 7 specific activities only. These activities fall under List three of FOREIGN BUSINESS ACT 1999 (FBA). These are:

  • Communicating, coordinating and directing, on behalf of the head office
  • The operation of branches and affiliates which are located in the region
  • Providing services in consulting and management
  • Training and personnel development
  • Financial management
  • Marketing control and sales promotion planning
  • Product development
  • Services in research and development

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