Thailand Visa

thai visa

Briefly defined, visas are instrumental aspects of immigration control. They signify that its holders are entering a foreign territory legally. These travel documents do not only provide entry permission, but most importantly, it is for one’s safety and security. This is most especially to the receiving countries. Misunderstandings on Visa Exemption The misconception about the […]

Land Measurements

Land Measurements

If you are buying property in Thailand the measurements can become confusing. It is neither imperial nor metric. We have a convertor on our site to convert Rai into square meters. The Thai system has not changed and when buying property it is best to understand it. The metric system was officially introduced by a […]

Fractional Ownership

Thailand Timeshare

Fractional ownership has not taken off well in Thailand where it concerns the locals. With a lack of laws governing fractional ownership it is still mainly foreigners who buy into it. There are however questions raised about the 49% condo ownership rule. When buying a condo complex in Thailand foreigners may not own more than […]

Thailand Lawyer : Property

Thailand Lawyer

Buying property in Thailand will always require the assistance of a lawyer. With branches in Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Hua Hin. We at Siam Legal are able to offer you the best service possible in Thailand as the largest legal services network in the country. Speak to us about your property transactions […]

Title Deeds in Thailand

Title Deeds in Thailand

Title Deeds in Thailand are divided into different classes. Some of the title deeds are very limiting as it has been assigned by the government for a special purpose. Certain title deeds are only for possession and not ownership. Let me explain. Chanote This is also known as the Nor Sor 4 Jor which is […]