Thailand Driving Under the Influence Law


Although Thailand may not have a concrete set of laws on driving under the influence, there are still laws that governs intoxication and driving. Therefore, going behind the wheel when intoxicated still puts you at risk for going behind bars. Furthermore, there has been an increase in the crackdown of drunk drivers all over the […]

Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand

Dissolution of marriage is sometimes inevitable. No matter how hard couples try for their marriage to work, on certain occasions, ending it by way of a divorce can be their only choice. The precursors of legally ending their marriage vary couple by couple and in Phuket in particular and Thailand in general, the type of […]

Thailand Company Structures

Corporate Structures in Thailand

Thailand has been through a number of coups and aggravated by unstable political situation, the country’s economic growth is greatly affected. But, according to the Government Public Relations Department, the baht is on a festive mood largely contributed by foreign investors’ trust on the economic strength of Thailand. This growth may be attributed to the […]

Property Acquisition Options

Property Acquisition in Thailand

Legally owning a property, that is registering it on freehold under your own name, perhaps gives you the most secured feeling. After all, freehold ownership provides you with the rights only afforded to property owners under this structure. However, not all property types are allowed to be purchased, registered and owned on freehold by a […]

Thailand Work Permit

thailand work permit

Despite of the economic opportunities present in Thailand, not all employees can be issued with the work permit. One may argue that such situation is yet another control measure of the country. But then again, such practice is not exclusive to Thailand. As a matter of fact, all countries that welcome foreign employees observe similar […]